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Two of them are doctors, one an OB/GYN and the other a family practitioner, and the other owns a manufacturing company.They also wanted more income to support their extravagant lifestyles.

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We are African-Americans, and from researching my genealogy, I know that I am a pure-blooded descendant of the Mandinka people.

I quite frankly have all of the Mandingo characteristics of being very dark-skinned, six feet and three inches tall, muscular, and well-hung, with a very thick cock that is nine inches long when soft, and over twelve inches long on hard.

Condoms were commercially available by the late 1850s, but those white women liked being fucked bareback and taking Negro cum in their cunts, even with the risk of being impregnated.

This might sound fucked up, but I liked knowing that my Mandingo ancestors were doing their part to dilute the white race.

The Reconstruction Era in United States history covers the period from 1865 to 1877, following the Civil War.

There were many societal changes taking place in that post-emancipation period, including consensual interracial sexual interactions between African-Americans and white people, as the blacks adapted to their new freedoms.

The author of one story I read made the comment that those white party wives typically ‘looked more like Kathy Bates than Kathy Ireland’.

My friends and I wanted to take a different approach, and establish a club where we, as middle-aged, handsome, and very fit black men, fucked younger, prettier white wives, in hopes of impregnating them, all while being filmed on video.

Many of the black people continued working on the plantations as paid employees, and some of them also farmed their own parcels of land.

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