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Travelling in the summer is recommended if you’re looking for love. November will be a playful and fun month of exciting accomplishments.You know exactly what to do to make those around you feel loved, precious and pampered.Cancer: June 22 - July 23Your partner or best friend is going through a profound and testing time of change.

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During the irst half of the year you won’t have much time to yourself but this won’t bother you as you strengthen your relationship and bonds of love.

For Cancerians such as actress Margot Robbie good feelings and rewarding interactions will become more powerful from August thanks to Jupiter.

They could be a little jealous of your rising popularity so make time to ensure they feel loved, appreciated and involved.

In July, you’ll need to be diplomatic when it comes to intimate issues to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Being able to share interests and mutual goals will bring you both a lot of pleasure.

As the year begins you will also find contentment and fulfilment within your closest circle of friends.

You have someone very special so dedicate more time to romance as there is more to life than work and your partner will love the extra attention.

Gemini: May 22 - June 21A newcomer will seek your company on a regular basis.

You could jeopardise your job security for the sake of a fling.

Your relationship with those closest to you will start to change from February due to changes in your own personality and a new impression of their values.

Have a long-term goal in mind so that small defeats don’t hurt as much.

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